Elements Gala Showcase

We’re thrilled to throw our Avanti Mansion’s Elements Gala ShowcaseΒ on the evening of Friday, May 10th, 2024. This is our moment to shine beyond our renowned weddings and dazzle you with what we do best on a grand scale.



Theme of the Night: The Four Elements. Get ready for an evening where earth, air, fire, and water come to life with breathtaking entertainment, mesmerizing ambiance, and, of course, the culinary delights that have made Avanti the talk of Western New York.


What does a ticket get you: It’s an exclusive sneak peek into the magic we create, hoping to inspire your future events, be they galas, fundraisers, corporate gatherings, or festive celebrations.

Event Details:

Time:Β The magic begins at 7:00pm

Dress Code:Β Cocktail attire recommended – let’s make it a night to remember!



Stay Tuned:Β For all the glittering details, head over toΒ www.avantimansion.vipΒ We’re regularly updating the site with exciting announcements and surprises as the event draws nearer.


VIP Invitations get free access. Tickets available for purchase!

Important Info

Tickets for purchase are $75, includes food and drink.

Create an Unforgettable Culinary Experience.

Elevate your private event with unforgettable dining experiences at Avanti Mansion.