What To Do After Getting Engaged

What To Do After Getting Engaged

Getting engaged is the first step towards every couples’ ultimate goal of getting married. Marriage can seem like the finish line that every couple aims to cross, but it usually ends up being just the beginning. Yes, there are couples that will get married right away, but if you would like to have a more planned out and beautiful wedding with all your friends and family, then you must keep in mind that it may take some in-depth, overwhelming, and sometimes confusing planning.

The first step in this planning phase is your engagement, but what comes right after that? What’s the next step so that you become officially married and not engaged forever?

After your initial engagement, you will probably be faced with many tasks that you will need to get done in preparation for your big and magical day. So, to help make things easier for you, we put together a simple list of the 9 things you should start doing after he (or she) pops the big question.

1. Spread the Great News!

Your family and closest friends should be the first ones to know about the happy news so before posting a picture of your engagement ring on social media, it would be best to call them to share the happy news and make them feel special that they are hearing about it first. (Pro Tip: If you are the one proposing, have your partner’s family and friends there for the special moment! By either having them hide so that they can come out after you propose or there as the magic moment happens to add in an extra surprise to makes it even more special! Feel free to tell them to record it too so that you will always have that special moment!) After this, feel free to post it up on your social media pages!

2. Get Your Nails Done

It is no doubt that all eyes will be on your left hand now that you’re engaged. As proud and happy as you probably are, you likely don’t want a chipped nail, hangnail, or worse yet an ingrown nail to ruin the look of your new beautiful ring! It wouldn’t hurt to pamper your hands, fingers, and nails to make your new accessory stand out even more.

3. Celebrate and Enjoy the Moment

You will probably want to try and take a few days or weeks before you even start planning your big day. So, enjoy the moment that you are currently engaged and bask in your new fiancé status. It won’t be long before you will be sharing the same last name and life together! It’s also good to call on your closest friends to be a part of your entourage and celebrate with them. (Pro Tip: Ask recently engaged, or married friends and family for tips on how to make this process easier for you!)

4. Discuss and Plan your Budget Range

After enjoying your engagement, the next step will be to start planning the wedding and everything that goes along with that. It is especially important to first discuss, identify, and plan a budget you are willing to spend to make your dream wedding memorable. If someone else will be paying for it, then ask them what their range is. If it is lower than you would like for what you have planned, offer to cover the difference in cost, etc. Also, it is good to prioritize the things that matter most to you because as we all know, weddings can be pretty expensive, so working with a budget range will save you a ton of headaches down the road.

5. Decide on a Date, Location, and Time Frame

If you plan to get hitched in the next year or two, it is best to think about a date NOW to see what works best you both, your friends, and your family to avoid any potential conflicts. Many wedding venues get booked far in advance, so it is good to have options on the time of year or month you would like to have it in. It does depend on where you live, whether you would like to have it nearby, a little farther away, or an even a destination wedding. After you decide where, you will have a better understanding to determine the time of year you would like wed and the seasons, weather, holidays, etc. in that location.

6. Prepare Your Numbers

While you want everyone to be there and witness you saying “I do”, we all know that it is not really everyone will be able to join you. So, it is important to put together a guest list as soon as possible to avoid overshooting your budget and capacity, even if it is just a rough draft that you go through once a week and edit until you get to a number that seems to best fit you and your venue. Having an approximate number of guests is necessary for all aspects of wedding planning by picking the venue, food, tables, wedding stationery, and much more.

7. Search for Venues

Searching venues should be on the top of the list right away, it is one of those things you should first consider because most wedding venues near you may be fully booked or not the exact one you dreamt of. Inexpensive venues for weddings usually get booked years in advance for prime weekend dates. So if you are having trouble finding a venue and would like more options, be sure to check out Avanti Mansion for a complete stress and hassle-free venue.

8. Gather Inspiration

It is every woman’s dream to have a magical and gorgeous wedding. So, if you want your dream wedding to come true, start looking for inspiration from websites like Avantimansion.com, articles, magazines, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Feel free to check out our social media sites since we regularly post pictures of wedding ideas, foods, dresses, hairstyles, color schemes, table centerpieces, and so much more!

9. Relax

Planning a wedding can be nerve-wracking and insanely stressful. As long as you get the right team of people around you to help give you advice, you and your fiance will be more relaxed, excited, and ready for your lives together!

Need more help on the next steps to take after getting engaged still? We would love to help you simplify your planning process. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at info@avantimansion.comWe look forward to hearing from you soon!