Top 8 New Wedding Food Trends to Try

Top 8 New Wedding Food Trends to Try

When it comes to your wedding day you will, of course, want the food to be delicious and the latest wedding food trends. Quality is extremely important and wedding food has made a positive comeback throughout the years to where venues now pride themselves in offering fresh, restaurant-style cuisine for you and your guests. Every venue or caterer can also provide different types of dinner service from sit down, buffet, family style, cocktail style, stations, etc. Try to determine which styles you and your partner are open to because the price of each style of service can differ. Here are our top 8 favorite dining options that are everything BUT a traditional sit-down dinner:

Late Night Station

This is the perfect choice if you’re looking to party late into the evening! After dinner typically comes all the dancing and drinking. But after a couple of hours your guests will start to get hungry again, so a late-night station is a perfect option to offer your guests all those great finger foods you love when you’ve had a couple of drinks. Maybe your go-to 2 AM snack was always tacos, so why not incorporate a taco late night station? Or perhaps you want to pay homage to foods from your area. Here in Western New York, our Taste of Buffalo station does just that for our city, and for our sister city of Rochester, a Garbage Plate Station is the obvious choice. Some other cool late-night station idea’s we’ve seen are poutine, nachos, sliders & fries, fried peanut butter & jelly, paninis, and even breakfast. The possibilities are endless and a late-night station will stick out in the memory of your guests.

Cocktail Hour with Pre-Party Food Station

Finger foods, Hors D’oeuvres, appetizers… whatever you’d like to call them, they are a wedding favorite. Your guests aren’t going to load up on food prior to your event, so they may arrive hungrily, and you certainly don’t want them to drink on an empty stomach during cocktail hour! A simple display overflowing with mounds of cheeses, crackers, breads, veggies, fruit, dips and chips, is always loved and appreciated upon arrival to the venue. An upscale charcuterie board is another fancy way of welcoming your guests.  Usually, people will come hungry for a wedding, they are planning on eating a lot of delicious food, so why not start it off right by offering food as soon as they walk in?

Small Bites / Hors D’Oeuvres

Hand passed small bites are an increasingly popular choice for pre-dinner food at weddings. With staff walking up to you with delicious bites of gourmet pops of flavor, what’s not to love? Our personal favorite is a BLT Crostini made with a slice of baguette slathered with a bacon mayo, layer of shredded lettuce on that, and topped with a tomato marmalade! YUM! Or perhaps a fried mac & cheese bite is more your thing?  Even chicken and mini waffles could be a small plate at the beginning of your wedding. The hand passed hors-d’oeuvres will add an extra flair of “up-scale” on your special day and can be more creative than some things that just sit on a station.

Casual Dining

Another great option to offer your guests is a more casual and interactive dining experience. A Live Grill station allows you and your guests to view your food being cooked on grills as you order it. Buffets are another great option for giving your guests the choice of what they would like to eat and the portions they wish to indulge themselves in. Stations events are an interactive way to display food, with the option of having chefs cook in front of guests at multiple locations throughout the room as well.

The Anti-Dinner

Are your favorite things to eat in the world the good ole’ flavors of a homemade Sunday brunch? Eggs Benedict anyone…? Well Sunday is becoming the new Saturday, and afternoons are becoming the new evenings, why not have a brunch style food service to offer your guests? It’s truly the best of both worlds, especially if you want your favorites from breakfast and lunch!

DIY bar/ Stations

People these days like to be able to walk up to interactive stations and serve themselves, especially when you give them multiple delicious options to choose from! Great options for a DIY station is a cheesecake martini bar with multiple sweet and savory toppings, a bubbly mimosa bar with plenty of fruit garnishes to choose from, or a self-serve sliders and fries station where you can load up on your favorite minis! This is also a great way to let your guests make one of your menu items into exactly what they want to eat or drink.

Dessert Tables

A cake is a very classic option for a sweet treat at the end of your dinner. But it doesn’t have to be the only thing you offer! These days the wedding cake may be the most basic way to incorporate a desert into your wedding. Why not have a made-to-order crepe station at your wedding? Or you could bring in some donuts from your favorite local bakery! We are seeing an abundance of displays of candy, cupcakes, cake pops, churros and dips, donuts, cheesecake, and even cookies as offerings to your guests to indulge in.

Food Themes

If you have a theme that helps you coordinate and plan your wedding, then why not extend that theme to your food? Do you love bacon? Put bacon everywhere and make bacon your theme! BLT crostini appetizer, cobb salad topped with bacon, filet mignon wrapped in bacon, bloody Mary’s served with bacon, donuts topped in bacon, the choices are endless! Or another way to go is to have a tropical beach themed wedding. You can serve fresh seafood and tropical fruits and drinks—think Mai Tai’s and pineapples on everything! Themes are a perfect way to have fun with the food options and make it look like you put a lot of thought into your menu.   Now that you’ve had a taste of some of the ideas and categories you can choose from regarding the top wedding food trends in 2018, be sure to check out our other article on “Our 7 How-To’s for Choosing a Fantastic Wedding Menu.

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