How To Save Money On Your Wedding

How to Save Money On Your Wedding

Weddings… The one day of your life where you showcase your love and commitment to the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with! It’s a big deal because this is the start of the rest of your life with that person, and capturing those first memories are just as monumental as a baby’s first steps. But why does it have to be so expensive? I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to “break the bank”. The largest cost to any wedding will most likely be the reception. So here are some tips and tricks to help you save money on the largest portion of your budget! And if you haven’t already, be sure to also check out “The Top 5 Things You Need To Consider” before booking your wedding venue.

  1. Don’t Get Married During The Busy Season!

Especially in New York State, summertime is the most popular time of the year to get married. The reasons are obvious; it’s sunny and nice outside, and everyone else is doing it. But there are three other seasons in the year that are all equally beautiful in their own ways! Winter weddings can be just as magical with snowflakes falling from the sky, think Elsa Frozen vibes. Fall is arguably the second-most-popular season for weddings. Picture an orange-golden backdrop with the leaves dropping. Now think of the fun menu items you can add on, such as apple cider and donuts! Don’t forget about a Spring wedding, with its budding flowers and cherry blossoms in full bloom.   Off-season weddings tend to have the best specials and discounted items as well. While you may pay full price for certain packages in the middle of August, the same exact items could be discounted or upgraded for free in January. So when you’re looking at venues, it’s worth asking about off-season specials that may help you save thousands of dollars just by being one month sooner or later.

  1. Get Married Quick!

It’s typical for people to book weddings far in advance. Most couples reserve a venue 1-2 years before the wedding date, but it’s unnecessary! You can plan a wedding in a couple of months, and venues have specials and discounts when booking weddings for the short term. Let’s be honest ladies… I know most of you have been secretly planning your wedding since you were 10, so you already know what you want. Why wait any longer? Plus – many venues have in-house services and preferred vendor lists to make planning easier.

  1. Look Away From Weekends!

Sometimes when you are so used to something being a certain way, it’s hard to imagine it any other. When you think of a wedding, you think of the weekends; Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. If everyone is thinking weekends, you can see how these days are in high demand and why people book so far in advance.   But what about Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday? At the Avanti Mansion, we’ve coined the phrase “Tu-We-Th Day Weddings” and have some BIG specials for those weekdays. When you really think about it, why don’t more people get married during the week? After all, the Royal Families are known to get married during the week. Princess Diana got married on a Wednesday, and Queen Elizabeth got married on a Thursday. If you were traveling for a destination wedding, people get married on weekdays all the time. It might even be more convenient for some of your guests to take off during the week rather than a weekend as we shift into a workforce that is no longer constrained to a 9-5 job. And no matter what day of the week you choose to get married, your true friends and family will take off for the big day no matter when it is.

  1. Ask About In-House Services

You’d be surprised to learn that some venues have top-notch services they can provide for you at a big savings. Some venues can provide you with a lot more than just the space you party in. Items like cake, invitations, DJ, centerpieces, and linens can typically be provided as in-house services and can save you a lot of money rather than finding your own vendors. You will be pleasantly surprised with how little things a venue can offer will add up to major savings!

  1. Have Your Ceremony And Reception At The Same Place

When the venue you choose can provide spaces for both your wedding ceremony AND reception, you just saved a bunch of money and energy right there on transportation costs and frustration. When you have a church ceremony or another off-site ceremony location, you and your guests will have hours of time to kill before your reception begins. This means there’s a greater chance of your guests pre-gaming before your reception and possibly getting full on a late lunch – both of which may affect their ability to enjoy the beautiful reception food and drink that you spent thousands of dollars on. Having one location for ceremony and reception means you won’t need to spend money on limos and/or buses to transport your party between the two facilities, your out of town guests won’t get lost, fewer time restraints, and you can get to eating and partying quicker because you’re already there!

  1. Don’t have a Sit-Down Dinner

There are so many options when it comes to the service you choose to have for food. Sit-down is a classic choice, but other options may save you money! Consider looking into a gourmet buffet, cocktail style hors d’oeuvres, stations event, picnic style pig roast, or even a daytime Sunday brunch! In a traditional sit-down dinner service, the main course focuses on the meat or protein, which is what drives costs up. By having something unique like a stations event featuring a taco station, a Taste of Italy station, or a dessert station not only has the potential to save you money, but you will also wow your guests. Look into all your food options because you never know, chicken and waffles may just be that thing that saves you money and makes your event stand out as the wedding to remember!

  1. Choose a Venue That Doesn’t Need Much Décor

When a venue on its own is gorgeous, you won’t need to spend money bringing in decorations to dress it up. Look at their curtains, lighting, bar, and décor set around and in all the different rooms. The more you see, the less you will need to spend to bring in your own items to make the space beautiful. When a venue is decorated, and not bare bones, you instantly save money!


Always ask a venue or vendor if they are running any specials or promotions currently. You never know, maybe the month of September you can get a specialty keg of beer as a bonus for paying early? Other venues might give you a price discount if you make earlier payments. It’s always good to ask about ways you can save some money instead of stressing about the costs. There are always specials and incentives going on, you just have to ask what your accommodations are providing!

  1. Wedding Dress Rentals

Now ladies… hear me out. Grooms almost always rent their tuxedo for the big day, so why not do the same? The wedding dress is probably the most unnecessarily expensive part of your wedding day, so why not look into a rental. Remember those school textbooks that you bought so you could keep them forever? How many times have you referenced those since graduation? Most brides love to fantasize about their future daughters being able to wear their wedding dress at their wedding, but did you ever consider wearing your mother’s dress? I’m going to go out on a whim and guess not. The reality is that dress trends and styles are always changing. Your wedding dress is going to be obsolete within 10-15 years, and it will sit in an attic for the rest of eternity.   Why not rent a wedding dress for your special day? You’ll save hundreds, or maybe even thousands of dollars. Your budget will stretch further when renting a dress. Think about the designer dress you saw on TV… for many brides, buying that dress is just not a viable option. But renting that same dress could mean the difference between achieving that “wow” moment, or just settling for what is in your budget.

  1. DIY Projects

Pinterest is a Bride’s best friend and what better way to personalize your wedding than with a DIY. One of the best ways to save money is by opting out of traditional flower centerpieces and making your own centerpiece instead. Flowers are extremely expensive and as we all know, they eventually shrivel up and die. You could come up with your own centerpiece ideas and include part of the centerpiece as favors for your guests. They will love the creativity of a do-it-yourself centerpiece and you’ll also share the memories of making them with your family forever.

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